Fly Fishing Flies – for catching all kinds of fish species on fly. Choose between freshwater or saltwater flies, from dry flies to deep dredging ones.
You can select the species in the Fly Fishing Flies category and we will give you a list of flies that are appropriate for the species. Either Freshwater or Saltwater Specific.
In the Freshwater Species category we have Bass, Barbel (Catfish), Trout, Carp, Largemouth Yellowfish, Tigerfish, and Yellowfish Flies.
In the Saltwater Species category we have Bonefish, Cob, Grunter, Kingfish (GT’s), Leervis (Garrick), Milkfish, Mullet, Reef fish, Sand Shark (Guitarfish), Snoek, Surf fish, Trigger fish, Wave dwellers, and Yellowtail.
In the Salt water category we have Crustaceans, Popper and Surface, Small and Streamers.
In the Fresh water category we have Bass Flies, Dry Flies, Streamers, Big Freshwater Streamers, Emergers, Nymphs, Tungsten weighted Streamers, Tungsten weighted Nymphs, and even Wet Flies.