Ahrex NS172 Largemouth Hook


Ahrex NS172 Hook

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Ahrex NS172 Largemouth Hook has a curve designed for Gammarus Patterns but perfect for Largemouth Yellowfish and some Saltwater patterns.
The lightweight wire allows the flies tied on this hook to be fished in shallow waters. If you want to add weight, it is easily done without ruining the hooking capabilities, due to a large hook gape.

Black Nickel Finish
Available in size 1/0 – 12
Ahrex NS172 Largemouth Hook is Chemically sharpened with small barb

Number of Hooks per pack
#4 x 18
#2 x 18
#1 x 15
#1/0 x 15

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The people behind Ahrex: Martin B. Hedegaard

Next in the line of presentations is the new kid on the block in Ahrex. Kid might not be the correct term and neither is new, since Martin actually has been with Ahrex for over a year. Many of you will know Martin from communications with him over email or phone. Martin is not a newcomer to neither the sport nor the trade. Before coming to Ahrex, Martin was a developing consultant with the Danish Sportfishing Association. Martin’s professional career and background was in teaching, where he, among of course many other things, developed the skills he put to good use teaching fly tying at evening schools for youngsters. Skills he also put to good use when he published his book, Flytying – with Martin B. Hedegaard in 1998.

In fact, Søren Flarup was one of Martin’s students all those years ago. Martin has a few flies to his name as well, probably best known for the orange variation of the now classic, Danish fly, The Christmas Tree. Martin’s variation is called Flammen (The Flame). It’s one of those flies, like Pattegrisen (The Piglet). You can love it or hate it – but it catches fish!