Ahrex SA250 Shrimp hook


Ahrex SA250 Hook

Ahrex SA250 Shrimp hook is carried over from the NS150 Shrimp in the Nordic Salt-series.
We’ve modified the bend slightly and opened the hook gap a little, making the hook very well suited for shrimp flies for bonefish and other species, as well as bend-back designs.

A-Steel Finish*
Available in size 2 – 8.
Chemically sharpened with small barb

Ahrex SA250 Shrimp hook Packaging:
Packs of 12 Hooks, all sizes

See the Ahrex hooks comparison chart  and for the full range of Ahrex Hooks available in South Africa, click here.

*A-Steel is a new and innovative coating.
Ahrex Hooks are the first brand to utilize this coating on fly hooks. A-Steel is 4 times more saltwater resistant than Duratin (the most used coating for saltwater hooks).

The color on A-Steel resembles the color of Stainless Steel. It has very low glare and is less shiny than other coatings, like Duratin.

The A-Steel coating on the Ahrex SA250 Shrimp hook allows us to use High Carbon Steel instead of Stainless Steel, which allows us to have super sharp hook points, which isn’t the case with Stainless Steel.

The Saltwater Test – Ranking showing the most saltwater resistant first:

  1. Stainless Steel (Not so sharp hook points)
  2. A-Steel (Super sharp hook points)
  3. Duratin
  4. Black Nickel
  5. Bronzed

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The people behind Ahrex: World’s Best Håkan (Håkan Karsnäser)

Most of the readers of this blog will know who Håkan is and know his flies. Håkan is a key part of the part of the Ahrex “extended family”. Håkan lives in Sweden, in Mullsjö, with his wife and children. Håkan is a schoolteacher at the local school. Håkan’s home water is the lakes at Hökensås, where he fishes for trout and rainbows. This is also where Håkan tests many of his fly patterns.

If you’re ever at Hökensås and sees a guy catching unreasonably many fish, that’ll probably be Håkan. And speaking of many – Håkan is an incredibly productive fly tier and he’s one of the most versatile fly tiers I know. Håkan is perhaps best known for his exquisite classic salmon fly dressings, but he ties just as many flies for trout and grayling.