Ahrex SA254 Jig Hook


Ahrex SA254 Jig Hook – The ultimate saltwater Jig Hook for fly tying.

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Ahrex SA254 Jig Hook

The perfect hook for the modern style of jig-flies and other types of up-side-down flies for fishing in saltwater – and of course freshwater.

A-Steel Finish
Available in size 1/0 – 6
Chemically sharpened with small barb
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Number of Hooks per pack
#6 x 9
#4 x 9
#2 x 9
#1 x 9
#1/0 x 8

See below how to tie an effective cob fly by Jimmy at Retro Fly Studio, you can substitute the Yak hair with a variety of items.

Specification Chart

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