Ahrex SA270 Bluewater Hook


Ahrex SA270 Hook

Ahrex SA270 Bluewater Hook is, as the name indicates, is a hook for the real freight trains of the tropical salt. Giant trevally, sailfish, barracudas, tarpon – even sharks.
This hook has the point and the strength to handle everything you care to throw a fly at.

A-Steel Finish*
Available in size 8/0 – 2/0.
Chemically sharpened with small barb

See the Ahrex hooks comparison chart  and for the full range of Ahrex Hooks available in South Africa, click here.

Ahrex SA270 Bluewater Hook Packaging:
#2/0 x 10
#3/0, #4/0 x 8
#5/0, #6/0 x 6
#8/0 x 5

*A-Steel is a new and innovative coating.
Ahrex Hooks are the first brand to utilize this coating on fly hooks. A-Steel is 4 times more saltwater resistant than Duratin (the most used coating for saltwater hooks).

The color on A-Steel resembles the color of Stainless Steel. It has very low glare and is less shiny than other coatings, like Duratin.

The A-Steel coating allows us to use High Carbon Steel instead of Stainless Steel, which allows us to have super sharp hook points, which isn’t the case with Stainless Steel.

The Saltwater Test – Ranking showing the most saltwater resistant first:

  1. Stainless Steel (Not so sharp hook points)
  2. A-Steel (Super sharp hook points)
  3. Duratin
  4. Black Nickel
  5. Bronzed

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The people behind Ahrex: Steve Silverio

The next in the small series of presentation of the core personnel at Ahrex, is Steve Silverio. Steve is a well known fly fisher and fly tier in the United States and may might also have met him at some of the larger fly fairs on the European continent. Steve is a busy man (at the ripe old age of 70, as he himself puts it) and is working on several projects. At Ahrex, Steve is first and foremost helping us promote Ahrex Hooks in the United States.

He was an integral part of the design and release of our HR 418 WD Bomber Hook. While Steve’s main focus for many years has been tying and developing bait fish patterns, primarily for stripers and bass, he has a deep interest in the Bomber-style dry fly for salmon. It was, of course, this interest that was essential in the design of the HR 418. I personally enjoy my communications with Steve. It seems we share a common passion for the history of flies and fly fishing, both the old ones and the newer ones. Steve is very adamant in giving credit where credit is due, which is one of the reasons the HR 418 has the “WD” in the name. WD for Warren Duncan who was famous for many of his flies, but perhaps most for the Bombers he tied.