Airhead Hollow Streamer Fly


Fly Airhead

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Airhead Hollow Streamer Fly
This hollow head fly is very effective in catching leevis / garrick, and other species.
You can easily get it to walk the dog.

It is much easier to cast than Retro's Silicone Perfection Siliclone Fly due to is light weight, and can easily be cast on an 8wt rod with a floating line, and bigger.

Can also be used for cob, yellowtail, and other saltwater species especially top feeders.
But don't neglect the sinking line.

The Airhead Hollow Streamer Fly is tied on Mustad C68SNP-DT 2XH Tarpon hooks by Jimmy Eagleton - Retro Fly Studios.

There is an excellent article in Mission magazine about Jimmy and using the flies.

See its big brother the  Silicone Perfection Siliclone Fly.

Have a look at Jimmys latest creation, The One Leery Fly