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The Writings of Judge Fitz James Fitch

In 1882 E.C.Z. Judson the famed angling writer known internationally as Ned Buntline wrote to the new journal - The American Angler that - the finest amateur rods...I have ever seen are Judge Fitch a great fisherman of Prattsvile New York.

Will he favor the readers of The Angler with a description of the make weight and wood used... With this one short paragraph Judson set in motion events that culminated in January 1884 with the publication by Judge Fitz James Fitch of a seven part treatise on rod making for amateurs.
Intended for publication in book form despite their popularity the articles were never collected. Now for the first time Fitch's entire unabridged treatise on rodmaking appears in book form along with a collection of his other rodmaking fishing and miscellaneous writings.
Included also is a detailed biography of Judge Fitch by Dr. Todd E.A. Larson. Learn why Judge Fitch was considered by no less of a fishing authority as A.N. Cheney to have made rods as well as Leonard and Wheeler and read about the Victorian method of constructing rods (including split bamboo) that deeply influenced a generation of rod making fly fishermen.

Limited to 100 numbered hardcovers this is the first volume in the new Fly Angler's Desktop Library.