Ant Flies for Flyfishing


Ant Flies

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Ant Flies for Flyfishing - Ants for your pants
Great imitations of ant fly patterns. Fish are always tuned in to taking ants.

There are 3 options here.

Black Ant Flies
Made from a black hackle with a dubbing body for flyfishing.
This fly can be made to float or sink

Epoxy Ant Fly
A thread and epoxy body with a black hackle, designed to be used as a sunken fly for flyfishing

Flying Ant Flies
Made with a dubbed body, a wing, and a black hackle
This fly can be made to float or sink, but is primarily used as a floating fly for flyfishing.

Tying your own Ant Flies for Flyfishing
Follow the links above and below to find the correct materials.

The recommended hook to tie this fly is the Hanak H100 or H130 in small sizes.
For thread use Uni 8/0 or Griffiths 18/0

You could also try flyfishing with a foam ant you have tied yourself using our pre-made foam ant bodies
Here is an instructional video