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Artwork Yoshikazu Fujioka

Autumn Colour
Water colour print on card, framed. Signed copy number 17 of 50, no longer available from the artist.
Frame size 37 x 71cm , actual image 52 x 18cm

Fishing is prohibited from October.
Some what discontent, I enjoy taking a walk on the riverbank.
A big trout seems to have finished the spawning and comes down the streams.
Then, I find another pair of big trout on the riverbed of the upper stream.
I was surprised that I met them without notice.

Amago - Oncorhynchus masou ishikawae
Coki / sharpie print on card, framed. Signed copy number 4 of 12, no longer available from the artist.

Frame size 30 x 34cm , actual image 18 x 13cm

They inhabit the Sakawa River in
Kanagawa and the Pacific Ocean,
all over Shikoku, north of Ono River in Oita,
and in the rivers around Seto.
Satsukimasues in Nagara River are known as
a type which goes down the sea.
and else Kiso river.

About the artist

Read more about Artwork Yoshikazu Fujioka on his website, My Best Streams.

He talks about his best streams around the world, and also his passion for Tenkara fishing and the Kebari (flies) that go with the technique. There is also a summmary of different kebari from various regions of Japan with images.

Click on the link to "Trout and the Seasons of a Mountain Village" a lovely read.
"I was deeply moved by the beauty of the Trout which I caught in my first fishing. Since then I began to draw trout and streams as another pleasure of fishing.
With my pictures I hope I can send feelings of seasons, rich nature in the Mountain Village and, of course, vivid expressions of lovely Trout, I have enjoyed fishing there."

Fujioka also makes 3d models of trout, which you can print out and make yourself, and sells his artwork.

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