Bobbin Holders Loon Ergo


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Bobbin Holders Loon Ergo by Loon Outdoors Products
An ergonomic and high-performing update to the indispensable tying tool. The powder coated ergonomic handle rests perfectly between the thumb and fingers while the spring steel spool holder allows for easy adjustment in tension by changing the pressure applied by grip. The tube is designed with versatility in mind: the high gauge works well when tying small flies and the tube is long enough to tackle large patterns as well.
FEATURES: Ergonomic thumb/finger grip system on barrel, Japanese spring steel needle, Powder-coated handle.


Bobbin Holders Loon Ergo All Purpose by Loon Outdoors Products
For tying flies of all shapes and sizes. A great bobbin disappears in that a tyer can spend their time at the vise thinking about everything else. The Ergo All Purpose Bobbin is comfortable in hand, with a design and shape that makes it compatible with flies of just about every shape, size and style. It is difficult to find the boundaries of this bobbin, as it does just about everything.
FEATURES: Iconic Loon Yellow powder coated handle, Ergonomic shape, Brass feet, Versatile shape and size, Allows for easy adjustment to tension, Double radius tube

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