Booby Flyfishing Fly


3 flies per pack

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Booby Flyfishing Fly

An essential fly for a washing line set up in still water. Using a floating or intermediate line, put the booby on the point of leader, with a weighted nymph in the middle. Just like hanging out a nymph to dry.
The booby will sit higher than the floating fly line and nymph. When you retrieve with a slow pull it will move the nymph almost vertically. This is a great trigger to catch trout.
You could use a combination of positions for different nymph actions.

Another effective way is to fish the booby on it's own, using a sinking line. You don't even need to retrieve.
If you do fish with a Booby Flyfishing Fly, please make sure you have flattened the bard and have forceps on hand. Trout tend to swallow the booby quite deep.

Grip 12804 barbless hook
3 per pack

Want to tie your own booby? You will need suspender balls.