Braid Backing Shilton Fly-X


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Braid Backing Shilton Fly-X  300m roll

30 lb / 13.6 Kg / 0.25mm diameter
50 lb / 22.6 Kg / 0.4mm diameter
80 lb / 36.2 Kg / 0.5mm diameter

This is 9 strand backing, designed to robust over coral.
It is the perfect combination between thin and thick braid, with a diameter that is thick enough without creating too much drag, and is thin enough not to be dodgy.

Braid Backing Shilton Fly-X comes in a range of great colours, olive, yellow, red, blue, green, orange and red, which match the Shilton Reel colours.

It is available in 30lb (kg), 50lb (kg) and 80lb (kg)

Made from Ultra-high Molecular weight Polythene, which gives it a long lifespan and avoids problems with rot.

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