Centipede Legs


Centipede Legs

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Barred rubber legs that will add extra movement to any type of pattern.

Two sizes, Mini 0.2mm & Small 0.4mm

Scary Spider Faced with the prospect of fishing high up the Elandspad after the holidays, a fresh approach was required. Because by now every fish has seen a hundred flies, they would be wary. The initial solution was to tie up some size #28 and #32 flies, as usually as the season goes on, smaller flies and thinner tippets are required. These flies were then pre-tied to 8X tippet.
Then I had another thought, GO LARGE. Hell, these fish would either be sacred out of their scales by what I was going to offer, or fight for it. Thus the scary spider was created. Testing it, I found two reactions, one of panic and the other of greed. Either the fish would be spooked and take off at high speed, or they would go for it at high speed and attack it until hooked. A winner!
Above left is a life size pic of the spider, a foam body and rubber legs. Earlier versions with more realistic peacock herl legs were rejected as the legs would get wet and fold back. On the right is one of the suckers that fell for my trick on the Elandspad.