Copper Wire Soft UNI


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Copper Wire Soft UNI

This product is replacing the UTC ULTRA WIRE as it is no longer available from our supplier.

Large UNI is 0.40mm
Medium UNI is 0.28mm and compares to UTC Ultra Medium at 0.33mm
Small UNI is 0.20mm and compares to UTC Ultra Brassie at 0.20mm
X-Small is 0.11mm and compares to UTC Ultra Extra Small at 0.11mm

A super soft wire, great for underbodies, and it wraps very easily. It is supplied in various colours and available in three thicknesses. Each spool is supplied with ten grams of material regardless of the wire size There are now twenty-seven colour / size combinations of UNI Soft Wire for creating fly patterns.

Uses for UNI Soft wire include ribbing, dubbing brushes, under-bodies, weighting flies, and wire-bodied nymphs.

Try a variety of UNI Soft Wire colours for building the ever-effective Sawyer Pheasant Tail Nymph, Copper John or Gold Ribbed Hares Ear Nymph.

Tie the most common copper wire fly, the copper john with the assistance of this video.