Coq de Leon Feathers


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Coq de Leon Feathers

Carefully selected hackles, certified coq de leon feathers from Spain.
Perfect for tails and big parachutes like the para-rab.

12 feathers per packet.

Excellent dry fly hackles.
Video: Tying a Coq de Leon Grannom Caddis Fly with Davie McPhail
Coq de Leon

Coq de Leon are a type of spade hackle that is native to Spain. They are known for their stiff, glassy fibers and long, straight tips. The feathers come in a variety of colors, including brown, gray, and speckled.

Coq de Leon have been used for fly tying for centuries. Early flies made from these feathers were often used as dapping flies, which are flies that are bobbed across the surface of the water. Today, the feathers are used for a variety of applications, including tails, wings, and comparadun flies.

The translucence of the feathers makes them ideal for use as tails. The feathers can also be used to create realistic wings on saltwater and New England streamer flies. In addition, the feathers can be used to tie comparadun flies, which are flies that imitate the natural insects that fish feed on.

The fibers from the hen necks of Coq de Leon chickens are particularly interesting. They are speckled, have a very webby center, and have a stiff, straight tip. These fibers can be used to create a variety of different flies, including caddis flies, emergers, and soft hackles.

Overall, the feathers are a versatile and useful fly tying material. They are available in a variety of colors and can be used to create a variety of different flies. If you are looking for a high-quality fly tying feathers, Coq de Leon are a great option.