Daiwa Lochmor Fly Reel

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Daiwa Lochmor Fly Reel 100A  2-4 weight

Landing hard-fighting fish on fly tackle requires exacting performance. That’s what Daiwa’s Lochmor-A Fly Reels deliver. No wobble or play—just a smooth, precision feel. The feel of quality. Precisely what you need to best spirited species on the long rod. At a surprisingly affordable price.


  • Lightweight (120g) , rigid, one-piece aluminum alloy frame
  • Large arbor spool
  • Dual-click adjustable drag
  • Super tight tolerance between frame and spool
  • Oversized line aperature for optimum casting performance
  • Quick spool change
  • Fast conversion to right or left winding

WF2 or DT2 20m backing
WF3 20m
DT3 10m
WF4 10m

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Video: Setting up your Daiwa Fly Reel

Daiwa loichmor fly reels are highly regarded in the angling community. They are known for their exceptional quality and performance. Daiwa has a long-standing reputation as a leading manufacturer of fishing reels. Their fly reels are designed to meet the needs of fly fishermen of all skill levels. Daiwa lochmor incorporates advanced technology and innovative features into their reel designs.

Their reels are constructed with durable materials to withstand the rigors of fly fishing. Daiwa fly reels offer smooth and precise drag systems for optimal control. Anglers appreciate the smoothness and consistency of Daiwa's drag performance. The reels are engineered with precision to ensure seamless line retrieval. Daiwa offers a variety of fly reel models to cater to different fishing situations.

From small streams to large rivers, there's a Daiwa lochmor fly reel for every angling adventure. Their reels are designed to be lightweight yet sturdy, reducing fatigue during long casting sessions. Daiwa incorporates ergonomic features into their reel designs for enhanced comfort and usability. Anglers can rely on Daiwa fly reels for their durability and longevity.

The brand's commitment to quality is evident in every reel they produce. Daiwa's lochmor reputation has been built on decades of innovation and customer satisfaction. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned angler, Daiwa fly reels are a reliable choice. They provide the performance and reliability needed to tackle any fly fishing challenge. Investing in a Daiwa fly reel ensures you'll have a trusted companion on your fly fishing expeditions.