Echo River Glass Flyrods


Echo River Glass Fly Rods – A Rod Series to Bring the Fun and Feel of Fiberglass to the Modern Angler

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Echo River Glass Flyrods

A Rod Series to Bring the Fun and Feel of Fiberglass to the Modern Angler

Echo River Glass Flyrods are available in Lengths That Cover the Widest Range of Fishing Applications

Two Available Colors: Glacier Blue and Gorgeous Caramel. Stand Out or Blend In. Your choice!

See the  range of Echo fibreglass saltwater rods StreamX has in stock.

Three & four piece travel designs
Fiberglass: S-glass
Action: Glass Med-Fast
Tube: Fabric-covered square rod case & sock
Guides: Chrome snake guides
Reel Seat: Cork reel seat
Warranty: Echo Lifetime Warranty

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Please note: All River Glass rods are hand-built, including the paint color. Due to the nature of painted translucent finishes, there may be color variances throughout the rod. Each rod is its own unique piece of art!


Action vs Power Comparison

The Action vs. Power matrix is used for comparison between ECHO rod models. Utilizing this chart, you’ll be able to choose an ECHO rod that best fits you and your personal casting stroke. The vertical axis indicates the rod’s power, while the horizontal axis indicates the rod’s action. In simple terms, single-hand rod action is derived from the top half of the rod, while power is derived from the bottom half.

Fast action rods feature softer tips than medium action rods and provide a ‘stiffer’ feel. Fast action rods excel in the hands of anglers with more aggressive casting strokes and greater stroke control. Medium action rods are ideal for anglers with more fluid casting strokes and have a larger ‘sweet spot’ for a wider range of casting strokes. Consistently throwing a tailing loop? Your rod’s action may not be a good fit to you and your casting stroke.

A rod’s power is its resistance to flexing under load. Powerful rods are ‘beefier’ through the bottom half, generate higher line speeds, and are more adept at keeping big fish pinned. Delicate rods are more presentation-oriented, protect light tippet, and are a better choice for picky fish.