Egg Yarn McFlyFoam


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Egg Yarn McFlyFoam

Popular Yarn for wings, bodies and posts, but most popular as strike indicators.
The brand supplied is Mcflyfoam / Mc Fly Foam.
Soft and fluffy, easy to see and it repels water.
Easy to cut and sculpt.

Egg Yarn McFlyFoam is a synthetic type of yarn that is stretchy and has long continuous fibers. You won't find a better egg pattern yarn and it also works nicely for sculpted head or body patterns that might use wool.

The Clown Set is an assortment pack for someone who wants a variety of colours.
For best results, soak in Mucilin Hourglass.

Other yarns available are sparkling yarn and poly yarn
Video: The Perfect Clown Egg - McFly Angler Fly Tying Tutorial