English Partridge Feathers


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English Partridge Feathers

Partridge hackle is a favourite with fly-tyers, producing many popular popular wet flies and soft hackles.

We have..
Striped Shoulder, Olive Neck, Grey Neck, Brown Back as well as Wing Pairs.
Note that the illustration / picture for the wings shows the whole skin, it is only the wings that are supplied.

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Video: Tying a Welsh Partridge Dry Fly with Davie McPhail

Materials Used;

Hook Hanak H130 size 12s or 14s, Thread, Uni-8/0 Black or Wine Tail, Partridge Tail and Natural Brow Cock Fibres Rib, Small Gold Tinsel or Wire Hackles, Dyed Claret Cock and Brown Partridge Back Feather


Wayne Davies Wayne Davies 1 month ago (edited) Hi Davie, Another great video for this rare and little known fly pattern, as created and tyed by the late Courtney Williams. Thank you so much for taking up my suggestion, I am thrilled to see this pattern gain some recognition again. Best regards, Wayne 😀👍 7 Reply

Paul Bridgers Paul Bridgers 1 month ago It's always a good day when Davie puts up a new video. Thanks for sharing looking forward to the next one. 8 Reply Comes a Horseman Comes a Horseman 1 month ago That combination of dry fly and partridge hackle always looks good! 👍 3 Reply

Colin Redden 1 month ago Great tying as usual, first time I have posted. Felt I had to comment as your tying and methods have helped with my own tying and receive good comments from other fishers who see them. Thank you very much Davie. Tight lines 🎣🎣 2 Reply

Glenn Dotter 1 month ago As always, a great tie! Very talented Tier Davie. I enjoy your lessons 1 Reply

Donal O'Flynn 1 month ago “Front of the hackle facing the eye as this is a dry fly” pure poetry Davie 😂 thanks. Great fly. 1 Reply

Richard Jones 1 month ago Thanks Davie for another traditional pattern that catches my attention being I'm from Wales on my dad's side. Keep them coming! God Bless n Fish on! 2 Reply

Dry Fly Man 1 month ago That looks a great fly Davie, thank you. I’ll tie a couple. I’m also going to tie a couple with a claret hen hackle and the partridge ,to fish wet when I would normally try Mallard and Claret. 👍 1 Reply

Graham Webb 1 month ago Brilliant looking fly , I've just tied some of these and give them a go next month in Wales. Thank you Davie. 1 Reply

Michael Ross 1 month ago Really like these "soft hackle dries". The Clyde style you tied were the first I had seen. A little extra movement to the dry. 1 Reply

John O Keeffe 1 month ago Lovely tie Davie.. Another pattern that could use different materials to match different hatches. 1 Reply michael shaw 1 month ago (edited) As with the Grunter, the partridge hackle is what makes this so effective. With the Grunter. I have seen it both traditional and hackle tied in first. I tend to construct them traditionally. What is your view? I have just found some of your grunters in your prior videos. 1 Reply

Dennis Nowland 1 month ago Love to see these old flies. Thanks for sharing. 1 Reply

Luiz Mateus 1 month ago Beautifully tied. Thank you Sir. 1 Reply Live Life 1 month ago The partridge hackle stands out against the black hackle. No doubt an effective fly. 1 Reply

Half Outdoor Guy 1 month ago Hey SIr, how do you decide or know which end of the hackle, or whatever feather you may be using, to tie in to start wrapping? Does it matter which end one uses? Reply

John B 1 month ago nice one davie , thats my auld dads favorite fly , he won umpteen competitions back in the 1970's fishing this one dry especially on the tummel .cheers again 1 Reply

Gary Payne 1 month ago Such a fine looking fly Thanks Davie ! 1 Reply

Thomas Puzio Sr 1 month ago Well Done again Davie! A Old Classic for sure! 1 Reply

English Partridge Feathers