Big Dumbbell Sea Eyes


Aluminium Dumbbell Sea Eyes

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Big Dumbbell Sea Eyes - Aluminium

When you need BIG eyes that attract predatory fish, Aluminium Sea Eyes will do the job.
Select a nice realistic stick on eye to go with it. Tie a big fly that is light enough to cast easily.

The best way to add huge size, with durable sea eyes that don't weigh a lot. Adhesive eyes of your choice can be used on the ends of these hourglass eyes. The eyes are protected by the raised aluminium metal edges

Sizes of Big Dumbbell Sea Eyes
Medium 6.3mm - 20 per pack
Large 9.5mm - 15 per pack
X-Large 11mm - 10.per pack

What size stick on eye do you use with these?
Medium - 5mm
Large - 7mm
X Large - 9mm

Also see the realistic Ballzeyes.

Here is a video on preparing your eyes for tying.