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Fish Skull Mask

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Fish Skull Fish-Mask

Use the Fish-Skull® Fish-Mask™ to tie weightless streamers that suspend in the water column.
The Fish-Mask is a weightless, clear version of the Baitfish Head that provides a clean, simple, and effective alternative to creating heads with epoxies. A realistic baitfish profile and the ability to take on the color of body materials make it a versatile platform for tying a wide variety of weightless streamer patterns.

See our full range of heads masks and helmets for fly tying, especially fish skull baitfish heads.

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Size Hook Size Eye Size Quantity
3 #10 - #6 3mm 12
4 #8 - #4 4mm 10
5 #6 - #2 4 -5mm 10
6 #2 - 1/0 6mm 8
7 #1 - 2/0 6-7mm 8
8.5 1/0 - 3/0 8mm 8
10 4/0 - 6/0 10mm 6

Fish Skull Fish-Mask awards:
Best of Show – Fly Tying Materials: 2013 International Fly Tackle Dealer Show
Best Tying Material: 2014 Outdoor Canada New Fly Fishing Gear Awards

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Realistic profile
Designed to mimic the head, eyes, and gill plates of a baitfish, and to push more water than traditional flies.
Front-fitting design
Quick and easy to use. Simply tie in all materials first, then fit the Fish-Mask from the front.
Recessed eye sockets
Designed to securely position, hold, and protect the eyes. The sizes directly correspond with Fish-Skull Living Eyes, which act as an important trigger for predatory game fish. (Fish Mask #3 fits Living Eyes 3 mm., etc.).
Add articulation
Compatible with our entire articulated shank family: Articulated Shank, Articulated Fish-Spine, Chocklett's Big Game Shank, and Senyo's Articulated Shank for Steelhead and Salmon Flies.

How to use

After tying in all your materials, complete the fly by simply fitting the Fish-Mask from the front and finish off by tying a small thread dam between the skull and the hook eye.

1. Tie the entire fly onto the hook (or articulated shank) leaving a small gap behind the eye of the hook

2. Create a large thread head and tie off your materials.

3. Add super glue (or Clear Cure Goo Hydro) to the thread wraps.

4. Fit the Fish-Mask from the front of the fly and position it in place against the materials as desired. Note: If you use Clear Cure Goo, your UV light will shine right through the Fish-Mask and cure the goo within 8 to 10 seconds!

5. Tie a small thread-dam in front of the head, tie off, and cement. The thread head locks the Fish-Mask firmly in place, making it impossible to come loose.