Fish-Skull Fish Spine Shanks


This product has been replaced by the new improved Spawn Articulated Shanks and Jig Shanks

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Fish-Skull Fish Spine Shanks
This product has been replaced by the new improved Spawn Articulated Shanks and Jig Shanks

Blane Chocklett designed a tapered daisy-chain of articulated shanks that allow you to create multi-jointed, highly articulated streamers, such as the revolutionary Chocklett’s Game Changer.

Fish-Skull Fish Spine Shanks are supplied 24 pieces per pack. Starter pack consists of 24 pieces 6 x 4 sizes

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Ultra-lifelike movement
This method of daisy-chaining a series of articulated shanks allows for a level of realism that was previously impossible.

Highly customisable
Flies of various sizes and styles can be created through different combinations of shank lengths, hooks and materials.

Wrap it up
Game Changers have never been so easy to tie since the release of Chocklett's Body Wrap.

Stainless steel
For use in saltwater streamers.

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Introducing the NEW Fish-Spine Tail Shank

If you enjoy tying Game Changer style flies but get frustrated with tying the tail section, the new Tail Shank is the solution you've been looking for.

The Tail Shank is the newest addition to the Fish-Skull Articulated Fish-Spine system and is designed to simplify and improve the tail tying process.

We've essentially modified the design of a Fish-Spine shank by removing the rear loop and replacing it with a tag, which is to be used as an easy way for you to place the Tail Shank in your fly tying vise.

Now, rather than having to try the difficult process of tying around the rear loop of a shank or modifying the shank by cutting part of it off, you can easily tie a neater tail with more taper using the Tail Shank.

In the video , Blane Chocklett walks you through how to tie a Game Changer fly tail on the new Tail Shank.

If you enjoy tying articulated flies, be sure to check out the new Tail Shank today!