Fish Skull Sculpin Helmets


Fish Skull Sculpin Helmets

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Fish Skull Sculpin Helmets
The Fish-Skull® Sculpin Helmet™ is the ultimate heavyweight head for deep-swimming, hook-up streamers.
The green gold colour sculpin heads are not Fish Skull products but have been sourced directly from China to reduce prices. They do not come with stick-on eyes.

Ideal for the modified DMA fly.

Tie heavyweight streamers with realistic, flat and broad profiles; the perfect imitation for common bottom-dwelling fish species. Designed for use on both hook and tube streamers, the Sculpin Helmet has a weighted keel to keep your streamer swimming hook-up and avoid snagging.

Fits hook sizes #10, #8, #6, #4, #2.

Fits hook sizes #6, #4, #2, #1.

Fits hook sizes #2, #1, #1/0

Fits hook sizes #2, #1, 1/0, 2/0.

Fish Skull Sculpin Helmets are supplied in packs of 8

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Note: The Mini is designed with a specially enlarged front slot to fit a wider range of hook sizes. This increased flexibility in hook sizes allows the Mini to be used in a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater streamer patterns

Realistic profile
Flat and broad profile that imitates common bottom-dwelling fish species such as sculpins, gobies and baby catfish.

Front-fitting design
Simply tie in all materials first, then fit the Sculpin Helmet from the front. Quick and easy to use.

Front slot
Allows for use on both hook and tube flies.

Fish-Skull® Living Eyes™
Included in a corresponding size and color, these ultra-realistic eyes act as an important trigger for predatory game fish.

Heavyweight Keel
Distributes most of the helmet’s weight to the bottom of the streamer, ensuring it will swim in the correct position. This also allows you to tie with the hook facing either down or up. We have deliberately made the Sculpin Helmet significantly heavier than the Baitfish Head so that it will sink quickly in fast moving rivers and fish deeper near the bottom where sculpins typically live.