Fish Skull Shrimp Tail


Fish Skull Shrimp Tail

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Fish Skull Shrimp Tail
Tie realistic, weighted shrimp and crayfish flies.

The Shrimp & Cray Tail™ is a stainless-steel weight molded in the shape of crustacean tails.

Quick and easy to tie, the Shrimp & Cray Tail™ is a simple alternative to bead chain eyes and dumbbells – two general-purpose fly tying materials which add the needed weight to shrimp patterns, but require ungainly tying methods and lack the distinctive tail profile of these creatures.

Fits hook sizes #8 and #6.
Has the same weight and width as a small bead chain.

Fits hook sizes #4 and #2.
Has the same weight and width as a large bead chain.

Fits hook sizes #2, #1, and larger.
Has approximately the same weight as most small dumbbells.

Fish Skull Shrimp Tail are supplied in these quantities: Small(20), Medium (20); Large (15)

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Tying the faux tail shrimp

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Quick and easy to tie
No more figure-8 wraps and no more twisting. Simply tie in the Shrimp & Cray Tail™ directly in line with the hook shank and slightly behind the hook eye, then tie in the rest of your materials.

Realistic look and shape
Your completed fly will have a better finish and more realistic profile because the Shrimp & Cray Tail™ is molded after the true shape of crustacean tails.

Ensure your fly tracks correctly
The Shrimp & Cray Tail™ acts as a weighted keel by distributing most of the tail’s weight to the bottom of the fly (like a bead chain or dumbbell), ensuring it will swim in the correct position. This also allows you to tie with the hook facing either down or up.

Stable base
The shape of the tail acts almost as a tripod to provide a stable base for your fly to stand upon, which means (unlike bead chain eyes) your fly is less likely to fall on its side while laying motionless on the sand waiting to be stripped.

Trigger the strike
The initial strip of the fly can produce the telltale "puff" of sand or silt, similar to that of an escaping shrimp or crayfish bursting out of cover, to catch the attention of the fish you're targeting.

Stainless steel
Gives your fly the same weight you would expect from a bead chain or small dumbbell, allowing a predictable sink rate.