Floatant Gels and Pastes


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Floatant Gels and Pastes

LOON PAYETTE PASTE - The all-in-one floatant designed for line, leader and tippet as well as flies. The paste rubs on clear and is temperature stable. Loon Outdoors Products

MUCILIN Floatant Gels and Pastes - Traditional English Floatant. Available in green or red. It is quite dense, so application is less messy.
Great for line floatation and protection. Each container has a felt applicator.

      Mucilin Red Line Floatant Paste is the best choice for silk lines and furled leaders and can also be used on flies.
     Mucilin Green Line Floatant Paste is best for modern lines and nylon furled leaders, as well as flies. Contains Silicon.

LOON GEL -  Floatants are silicon based so that they are temperature stable and do not leave slicks on the water. Loon Outdoors Products

Making a Choice of Loon Floatant Gels and Pastes

Loon Aquel GelLoon Lochsa PasteLoon Royal Gel
Masks ScentTreats CdCAdds sparkle to mimic clear winged insects

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