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Fly Crab Alphlexo Flexo - Alternatively: Alflexo Crab
A proven killer fly for grunter, bonefish, triggerfish and especially permit on the Indian Ocean Islands and elsewhere.
This fly has also been used successfully on Largemouth Yellowfish, especially in white, camo and olive.

The units we sell are tied on Ahrex SA220 # 4 hooks, and tied by Ryan Wojt.

To make your own, use Flyflex Flexo Body Tubing, also known as Chocklette's Body Tubing

SBS Tying Instructions of the Fly Crab Alphlexo by Peter Coetzee

The myth, the legend. The fly that has embarrassed self respecting Alphonse and St Francois Permit for a few seasons now.

My first attempts at this were laughable. The “crab tube” I had bought was not the right stuff at all. A post by MC offered clues into the material used.

The correct chenille is also key, and MC managed to sneakily buy up all local stock of the brand required- Hareline Ultra Micro chenille. Spirit River does the some thing. And a huge thanks to Garth Nieuwenhuis for finding some and making this SBS possible.

Then…the tricks. So many bloody tricks. Singed tubing, Heated single strand wire, what a bitch of a thing.

Massive thanks to MC and Murray. Without the knowledge passed on by these gents this would have taken a lot longer to hack out. Unless I found one to take apart 🙂

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Alternatively: Alflexo Crab, Fly Crab Alphlexo Flexo, Flexo Crab

The advantages of Fishing with an Alphlexo Crab

When it comes to flyfishing, using an Alphlexo crab pattern fly can be a game-changer.

The Alphlexo crab is a realistic imitation of a crab, a staple food source for many saltwater fish species. Its design incorporates lifelike features such as legs, claws, and a textured body. This fly pattern is highly effective in targeting species like bonefish, permit, and redfish.

The Alphlexo crab pattern is versatile and can be fished in various ways. You can strip it slowly across the bottom to mimic a crab's natural movement, or you can make short, quick strips to imitate a fleeing crab. The key is to mimic the behavior and appearance of a crab as closely as possible. One of the advantages of the Alphlexo crab pattern is its durability.

It is typically tied with materials like flyflex and chenille, which are known for their toughness and longevity. This means you can fish with confidence, knowing that your fly will hold up even after multiple strikes and battles with aggressive fish. Another benefit of the Alphlexo crab pattern fly is its versatility in different water conditions. It can be fished in both shallow flats and deeper channels, making it a reliable choice in various fishing environments.

To maximize your success with the Alphlexo crab pattern fly, pay attention to presentation.Cast accurately, allowing the fly to sink and settle on the bottom before initiating your retrieve. Observe the behavior of fish and adjust your retrieve speed and style accordingly. In summary, the Alphlexo crab pattern is a must-have fly for saltwater flyfishers. Its realistic appearance, durability, and versatility make it a go-to choice for targeting a range of species. Next time you hit the flats or saltwater estuaries, tie on an Alphlexo crab and get ready for an exciting flyfishing adventure.