Fly Fishing Buzzer Flies


3 flies per pack. Buzzer / Chrinomid / Midge emerger flies.

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Fly Fishing Buzzer Flies.

These Chironomid Emergers (buzzers / midges) are available in two options:
Suspender Buzzer with either Antron, or CDC. The latter floats much better in the film and looks more realistic.

Fish these when chironomid midges are hatching off the surface. Fish will pick them off in the surface film before they have a chance to fly away. If you get a slash at your fly but no hookup, leave the fly, the fish may have attempted to drown the fly before it flies, and is coming back for it.

Both are tied on the Grip 14711 barbed hook
3 per pack

Also see The Klinkhamer emerger.