ZAK Nymph Fishing Fly


3 barbless flies per pack

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ZAK Nymph Fishing Fly

Popular trout nymph created by Tom Sutcliffe

Brass bead weight
Grip 12804BL Barbless Hook
Fly ZAK Nymph supplied 3 per pack

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I previously posted a series of pictures on tying the Fly ZAK Nymph, which, on reflection, could be improved on. The Zak, as Ian Cox rightly points out in a letter in the October November 2011 issue of Flyfisherman, is more a style of tying than a precise pattern, so there is room to use a variety of materials. However, the tying principles remain the same. We are after a dark, buggy, life-like fly that will represent a host of Baetid nymphs and have certain key triggers – movement, the right profile with a sparse, long tail, sloping abdomen, a clear thorax and a suggestion of legs.


Hook: Hanak H230 #14

Bead: Glass, brass or tungsten; again your choice

Thread: 6/0 black

Under-thorax: Wool or lead wire if you are tying really heavy patterns.

Tail: Preferably the finer, barred fibres from a water mongoose skin. Alternatively use jackal or grey squirrel. I think cock hackles are too straight and stiff for the fly.

Body and thorax: Three peacock herls stripped of all flue, one plain peacock herl, purple DMC thread (green, or red, or blue DMC if you can’t get purple) and copper fuse wire.

Legs: Dun or any dark hackle, preferably genetic so the fibres are not too long.


Add a bead and dress the shank with silk.

Select the finer barred fibres from a water mongoose skin and pull them out with your fingers. This is better than using scissors when you tend to end up with too many fibres.

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