Flyflex Flexo Body Tubing


EZ Body  flat braid for baitfish and alphlexo crabs – Flexobraid body Tubing – Flexo / Alphlexo crab body – Chocklett’s Body Tubing STANDARD SIZE 1/4″ 6.3mm

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Flyflex Flexo Body Tubing / Chocklett's Body Tubing / EZ Body for Alphlexo Crabs and great hollow minnows.
It is supplied 1 meter per pack.

The most common usage for this material and the standard size is in 1/4 inch (6.3mm) is used for Alphlexo Crabs tied on an Ahrex SA220 #4 hook

FLEXO™ Flyflex™ is the most unique new body material to enter the market in a long time, and endless design variations are possible. So you can tie everything from caddis fly larvae to crabs to minnows to squid, in all shapes and sizes can be crafted using this body material.

The secret is the material's ability to expand up to 150% of its original diameter. This allows the tubing to be turned back on itself several times so you can build shape and movement into any bait design.
With just a little pushing or pulling to set a shape. FLEXO™ Flyflex™ can expand to mimic the body shape and texture of virtually any baitfish. The braided filaments mimic the natural action of light and water against scales or skin.

FLEXO™ Flyflex™ is tough and resilient, and is impervious to damage by salt water or ultraviolet radiation. The material is almost weightless so it is suitable for both surface and deep water presentations.

Most importantly, Flyflex Flexo Body Tubing is easy to work with and integrates readily with traditional tying techniques and materials. Thus it takes ink, dyes, resins and adhesives well and is unaffected by most common solvents.

Flyflex Flexo Body Tubing is also known as Chocklett’s Body Tubing

Blane Chocklett is widely regarded as one of the best big game anglers, fly tiers, and guides in the world.

Flyflex Flexo Body Tubing is the authentic “secret ingredient” used by Blane in almost everything. So he used them for items such as trout flies, pike flies, heads, to segment the bodies, and to keep the materials flared up, thus allowing them to push more water. It also gives the illusion of bulk — the hollow fly effect — while being light and castable all day.

Chocklett’s Body Tubing allows for easier body tapering of larger flies tied from deer hair and or other fibres.

It also protects thread wraps from the fish’s teeth.

Fly-Flex flies by MC Coetzer
Crabs by MC Coetzer

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SBS Tying Instructions of the Fly Crab Alphlexo using Flyflex Flexo Body Tubing by Peter Coetzee

The myth, the legend. The fly that has embarrassed self respecting Alphonse and St Francois Permit for a few seasons now.

My first attempts at this were laughable. The “crab tube” I had bought was not the right stuff at all. A post by MC offered clues into the material used.

The correct chenille is also key, and MC managed to sneakily buy up all local stock of the brand required- Hareline Ultra Micro chenille. Spirit River does the some thing. And a huge thanks to Garth Nieuwenhuis for finding some and making this SBS possible.

Then…the tricks. So many bloody tricks. Singed tubing, Heated single strand wire, what a bitch of a thing.

Massive thanks to MC and Murray. Without the knowledge passed on by these gents this would have taken a lot longer to hack out. Unless I found one to take apart 🙂

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