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Flyline Backing per metre - We've got your back

Flyline Backing per metre, Select the backing and length you require.

Dacron Backing

Available in 20 or 30lb (9 or 13kg)
RIO's traditional Dacron® braided backing features high strength and low stretch and is unsurpassed in quality. A good compromise between thinness and the ability to make blind splice loops. It's easier to knot than other brands that are very thin but have too tight a weave for a blind splice loop.A HIGH QUALITY, SUPER SMOOTH BRAID that is 100% reliable

GSP or Gelspun Backing

Colour change GSP backing is 8 colours and changes every 10 meters

RIO's premium 65lb (30kg), 8 carrier backing is made of the finest materials from Japan. 8 Strands of tightly woven fibers makes for a round backing that stacks perfectly on the fly reel. The result is a stronger, softer and smoother performing backing. The bright multicolored backing changes color every 10 meters and compliments fly reels with a beautiful splash of color and functionality. The breaking strain and diameter make this a perfect choice for all fishing, from pan fish to ultra-big game such as GTs, billfish and Tarpon.Take Backing To A New Level With This Multi-Colored GSP

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