Flylipps Fly Swimming Accessory


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Flylipps Fly Swimming Accessory - The action you’ve been missing.

Tie a FlyLipp into one of your favorite patterns and watch what happens. Suddenly, your fly swims up, swims down, darts from side-to-side. And the topwater bite? Unheard of. The action produced by FlyLipps is dramatic—and effective for your favorite pattern. Or a new one.

FlyLipps work great on saltwater patterns as well as freshwater patterns. Add a FlyLipp to Lefty’s Deceiver and you have a fly that swims naturally to the surface where it can pop and splash until you allow it to swim back down. Bob’s classic Clouser Minnow is no longer just a jig, it now swims up off the bottom and slowly swims back down. A FlyLipp tied into Popovic’s Surf Candy can cause the fly to dart erratically from side-to-side. Each package contains 10 FlyLipps—and endless possibilities.

Easy to tie. Swims up or swims down.
Video: Fly Lipps Test

FlyLipps are designed to fit hook sizes #4 to 2/0, but with slight modifications, they've been tied on patterns as small as #10 and as large as 4/0. They work great right from the package, but if you wish to modify your own, you can easily trim them into different shapes and sizes with scissors or nail clippers.

Flylipps Fly Swimming Accessory

Ascending tie: fly swims up - Descending tie: fly swims down

1) Wrap thread base halfway down the Ahrex hook shank.

2) Apply a small drop of super glue to the groove in the FlyLipp, then place the FlyLipp on the hook shank in either ascending or descending position. Position FlyLipp approximately 1/16 of an inch behind the hook eye.

3) Tie on by tightly wrapping the full length of the FlyLipp shank. Wrap a few extra turns at the base of the FlyLipp blade for added support. You’re now ready to tie your favorite pattern.