Flymaster Plus Nylon Thread


Flymaster Plus Nylon Thread

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Flymaster Plus Nylon Thread by Danville

Danville 6/0 Flymaster Plus Nylon Thread the ideal thread for general purpose use.
Best for #8 - 16 flies.
Fine, flat, lightly waxed nylon.
0.50 Kg breaking strain, 70 or 140 denier, 200 yards.

Danville 3/0 Flymaster Plus Nylon Thread is ideal for bigger flies, bass and salt water.
Abrasive resistant, strong & durable.
Waxed, twisted nylon.
1.70 Kg breaking strain, 70 or 140 Denier, 100 yards

Use Danville Flymaster Plus Nylon Thread for tying a Salty Bugger Fly

See the Thread Starter Kit or Danville Flat Waxed Thread, as well as Danville Fine Wire.

Splitting the thread for dubbing video.

About Danville

Danville Chenille Company: A Legacy of thread.
Nestled in the quaint town of Danville, a hidden gem of thread craftsmanship awaits discovery. The Danville Chenille Company, an iconic name in the world of nylon fly tying thread, has been weaving its magic for over a century. With a legacy dating back to its founding in 1905, the company has become synonymous with exquisite chenille fabrics, renowned for their unparalleled quality and timeless beauty. From its humble beginnings as a small-scale operation, the Danville Chenille Company has flourished into an industry leader, setting the standard for fine textiles.

With a meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence, the company has garnered a reputation that extends far beyond the boundaries of Danville. At the heart of the company's success lies its dedication to craftsmanship. Skilled artisans employ traditional weaving techniques, blending modern innovations with age-old traditions to create chenille fabrics that are nothing short of magnificent. Every thread, every stitch is meticulously chosen and carefully woven to produce textiles that are not only visually stunning but also irresistibly soft and luxurious to the touch. The Danville Chenille Company's commitment to sustainability is equally commendable. Recognizing the importance of responsible production, the company has implemented eco-friendly practices throughout its manufacturing processes.

From sourcing raw materials from sustainable suppliers to minimizing waste and conserving energy, they ensure that their textiles are not only exquisite but also environmentally conscious. Beyond its technical prowess, the Danville Chenille Company remains deeply rooted in the community it calls home. The company actively supports local artisans and endeavors to preserve the region's textile heritage through apprenticeship programs and collaborations. By nurturing the next generation of weavers and sharing their expertise, they ensure that the art of chenille weaving continues to thrive for years to come. As the Danville Chenille Company continues to weave its story, it remains a beacon of excellence in the textile industry. With each fabric created, it breathes life into the vision of its founders, blending tradition with innovation to produce textiles that embody the very essence of luxury and craftsmanship.