Glasses Readers EziOptx


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Glasses Readers EziOptx

Reading Glasses on your Mobile Phone

Convenient, lightweight, and just plain smart!

The original EziOptics Tiny Reading Glasses ingeniously concealed in a 'soft-touch' case; easily sticks to your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or kindle, so practical for everyday use.

Colours are mixed

Diopter: +1.00, +2.00 and +3.00

Length in case 9.7 cm
Width in case 0.5 cm
Height in case 5 cm
Intentionally designed to not take up any space.

EziOptics are made to fit all noses.

Product package includes:
EziOptics Black 'soft touch' pod case
3M adhesive tape
Use & care instructions

Have a look at the EziOptx stick-on lenses for any pair of glasses, as well as Clip on Readers for your sunglasses.

Glasses Readers EziOptx is a revolutionary solution designed to enhance the reading experience for individuals with presbyopia or difficulty in seeing close-up objects. Presbyopia is a common condition that affects many people as they age, causing a decline in near vision and making it challenging to read books, newspapers, or even use electronic devices without the aid of reading glasses.

EziOptx offers a simple and convenient alternative to traditional reading glasses. It consists of a thin, transparent film that is applied directly to the surface of regular prescription glasses or sunglasses. The film contains a micro-optical pattern that magnifies text and images, allowing users to see clearly up close without the need for separate reading glasses.

One of the key advantages of EziOptx is its versatility. The film can be easily applied and removed as needed, making it suitable for various activities and situations. Whether you're reading a menu at a restaurant, browsing through a magazine, or using a smartphone, EziOptx provides a clear and magnified view, enabling individuals with presbyopia to maintain their independence and enjoy their everyday activities.

Moreover, EziOptx eliminates the need to constantly switch between regular glasses and reading glasses, streamlining the user experience and reducing the risk of misplacing or forgetting one's reading glasses. The film is also designed to be scratch-resistant and durable, ensuring long-lasting functionality.

Glasses Readers is a game-changer for individuals with presbyopia, providing a practical and efficient solution for near vision problems. By seamlessly integrating magnification into existing prescription eyewear, it offers a discreet and stylish option for those who wish to maintain their visual acuity without compromising their personal style. With its convenience, versatility, and innovative design, Glasses has become a trusted companion for countless individuals seeking enhanced reading comfort.