Grunter Flies


All you need to catch these elusive fish.

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Grunter Flies
Floating Mud Prawn The best way to fish for grunter. Surface action!
JAM Fly - Fish for Grunter on the sand flats
Floating Deer Hair Prawn - A meatier floating fly, also known as a Turd Fly

See another local classic, Jimmy's Sand Shark Fly.

1 fly per pack

Works for Grunter Steenbrass and other fish, see more Saltwater Flies

See Pieter Coetzee's step by step instructions on his version of the JAM Fly, and also his JAM sandwich.

Which grunter flies do I use and how?

Floating prawn - This fly is cast at fish that are mudding or feeding on sand flats.
It needs to be presented up current of the fish you are targeting with a long leader. Like stream fishing, you want a drag free drift. You can try a twitch every now and then.
If leervis / garrick move into the area, you can use this fly like a popper.

JAM Fly - For fish feeding on sand flats.
Grunter on sand flats tend to move with the current in singles or groups, looking for food. You need to spot them and make sure your fly is on the sand before the fish get there. Use a slow short strip when you think the grunter can see your fly. This method takes a lot of patience, and again, a long leader is required.

Floating Deer Hair Prawn - For grunter feeding on mud flats or shallow sand flats.
Use just like the floating prawn, long leader and a floating line and 'drag free'
Just remember that the shallower and clearer the water, the spookier the grunter.

Grunter fishing is a patience game. Waiting for the correct tides and for the fish to start feeding.
They can often be quite finicky, especially when using grunter flies not bait, but on some days will take anything you throw at them, but those days are rare.
Consider local help, and hiring a guide for the first time always helps.
Try Deon Stevens on the Garden Route, and Henkie Altena at Karoolskraal on the Breede.