Hamills Killer Fly Olive


3 flies per pack – Hamills Killer Olive – An old classic unweighted fly that is still a very effective trout fly in any season.

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Hamills Killer Fly Olive

An old classic that is still a very effective trout fly. One of the 'killer' fly family, like the Walkers Killer and Mrs Simpson. A great fly for many species, especially trout and bass.

Fish it in still water with a jerky retrieve to imitate a dying minnow, but also try it slow on the bottom. Experiment with different lines to see which is most effective.

No weight
These flies are tied on a Grip 13812 barbed hook
3 per pack

If you are tying your own, see this instructional video
It also works well in a version with a colourful marabou tail.

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