Hanak Barbless Jig Hooks


Hanak Jig Fly Hooks

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Hanak Barbless Jig Hooks

Jig Classic H400, Jig Superb H450, Jig Wave H470, Jig Champion H480, Jig Trophy H490
Quick Comparison
H400 - Standard
H450 - Wide gape shorter shank
H470 - Wide gape and wave point
H480 - Wide gape, medium wire
H490 - Wide gape, heavy wire

Standard Jig hook.
Colour: Black Nickle
Sizes: 8-16
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Plain Jig hook with extra wide gape
Colour: Black Nickel
Sizes: 10-20 
Also available at Upstream Flyfishing and Targetline.
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Revolutionary wave point jig hook.
Extra wide gape and wave point .
Colour: Black Nickel
Sizes: 8-16
H480  Barbless Champion
Jig version of very successful H250BL.
Wide gape, sharp needle point, medium wire, colour black nickel - NO ESCAPE.
Wide range of sizes: 6 - 16
Hanak Barbless Jig Hooks
H490 Trophy
Trophy hook. Based on the H480 but with stronger wire.
Sizes: 10-16

25 hooks per pack
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Hanak Barbless Jig Hooks are the result of long-term development in cooperation with leading competition flyfishermen.
Exceptional shape, needle tip and the use of high-carbon steel to increase success.
All hooks are barbless with a special elongated needle point

Wave point
The special design of this hook was developed in cooperation with top Czech competitors. The extra-long and sharp point is bent outwards and increases success rates of strikes, and helps keep fish on the barbless hook.

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