Hanak Tapered 9ft Leader


Hanak Tapered 9ft Leader

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Hanak Tapered 9ft Leaders are extra soft, knotless, tapered, no-memory leader.
Great for fine and proper presentation of flies.
Hanak Tapered 9ft Leaders were developed in cooperation with Luboš Roza European and World Fly-fishing Champion.

See our specialized Czech Leaders and the Hanak weighted poly leaders.
Leader straightener.

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2.7 m0.12–0.43 mm1.4 kgclear
2.7 m0.17–0.53 mm2.8 kgclear
2.7 m0.22–0.56 mm3.6 kgclear
2.7 m0.12–0.43 mm1.4 kgcamouflage
2.7 m0.17–0.53 mm2.8 kgcamouflage
2.7 m0.22–0.56 mm3.6 kgcamouflage