Hanak Wet Barbless Hooks


Hanak Wet Fly Hooks


Hanak Wet Barbless Hooks for fly tying - H200BL, H230BL, H250BL, H260BL, H270BL, H280BL, H290BL
25 hooks per pack

Hanak Barbless Wet Fly Hooks for Stillwater & Wet, Nymph & Wet, Bead Heads and Lake Fly Hooks
Quick Comparison
H200 - strong, long shank
H230 - wide gape, bent-in tip
H250 - very wide gape, subtle bronze
H260 - extra strong - short shank, wave point
H270 - short shank, wave point
H280 - long shank, wave point
H290  - long shank, bronze
Hanak Hooks
Extra strong, long shank
Extra strong hook for wet flies and bead heads, long shank, ideal for use in combination with Tungsten DROP
Colour: Black Nickel
Sizes: 8-16
Also available at Upstream Flyfishing.
Reinforced version of the  H 130 BL with a wide gape and slightly bent in tip.Colour: Black Nickel
Sizes: 8-18
Hanak Wet Barbless Hooks
Best lake hook of all time. Solid and super sharp hooks with extremely wide gape. Can be used on wet flies, small nymphs or on dry fly fishing for trophy trout.
Colour: Subtle Bronze
Sizes 6, 8, 10,12,14, 16, 18
Extra strong hook for wet flies and bead heads, excellent for fishing with blobs and booby flies, irreplaceable for lake and river fly fishing competitions.
Colour: Black Nickel
Sizes: 8-16
Revolutionary wave point hook, shaped for lake fly fishing fishing with wet flies.
Short shank.
Colour: Black Nickel
Sizes: 8-16
h200 Hanak Wet Barbless Hooks
Revolutionary wave point hook, long shank. Designed for lake fly fishing with wet flies.
Long shank.
Colour: Black Nickel
Sizes: 8-16
Universal hook.
Long shank for wet flies, dry flies and bead heads, ideal for use in combination with tungsten DROP +.
Colour: bronze
Sizes: 8-16

Hanak Wet Barbless Hooks are the result of long-term development in cooperation with leading competition flyfishermen.
Exceptional shape, needle tip and the use of high-carbon steel to increase success.
All are barbless with a special elongated needle point

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Wave point
The special design of this hook was developed in cooperation with top Czech competitors. The extra-long and sharp point is bent outwards and increases success rates of strikes, and helps keep fish on the barbless hook.

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