Grizzly Strung Saddle Hackle


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Grizzly Strung Saddle Hackle Hareline

These Strung 4-6" Grizzly Variant Saddle Hackles are an excellent choice for various fly patterns.

They are particularly well-suited for large streamer feather wings, palmering buggers, and wings on divers and poppers.
These hackles come in a wide range of attractive colors, adding vibrancy to your flies.

Grizzly Hackle can be expensive, but these feathers are offered at a very economical price. With their 4-6 inch length, they are easier to work with compared to larger 5-7 inch saddles. They fit perfectly as wings or sides on streamer patterns and offer a fantastic selection of colors.
These strung Grizzly hackles are suitable for buggers, streamers, saltwater patterns, and various other fly designs.

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