Ahrex SA274 Baitfish Hook


Hook Ahrex SA274

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Ahrex SA274 Baitfish Hook Short shank, super wide gap baitfish hook,or as leading hook on game changers.
It carries the same design as our NS172, but this is slightly heavier and is coated with our A-Steel finish.

A-Steel Finish
Available in size 1/0 – 12.
Chemically sharpened with small barb

12 Hooks per pack, all sizes

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The people behind Ahrex: The Blogger (Lars Chr. Bentsen)  Rügen Ralswiek
I’m not terribly comfortable writing a blog about myself, but I’m under strict orders from HQ to do so, so bear with me. It of course began when I was a kid, fishing brown trout in the local stream and flat fish, weevils and the odd cod from the local harbour. My mother has a knitting club, and a husband to one of the other “girls” was an eager fly fisher, and he introduced me – and then everything went wrong.

As a youngster, I never got the chance to tie flies, but as I took took up fly fishing in the salt almost 30 years ago, I wanted to tie my own flies as well. I read books and went to the library to borrow the few available fly tying films. One was this movie by Ahrex CEO, Morten Valeur. This movie more or less taught me to tie flies. Feeling utterly lost on the first attempts at salt water fly fishing, casting my fly into the vast ocean with a limited reach, I began working on casting intensively and it became a bit of an obsession.
That ultimately led to passing the Master Fly Casting instructor exam with the IFF, in 2007. I have met so many helpful people. Through John Petermann I learned so much about dry fly fishing and insects, through Michael Koch Jensen so much about salmon fishing. I got to know Morten Valeur many years ago, when I worked part time in a tackle store. This was when he owned and ran The Fly Company with his brother, Henrik.

Visits at The Fly Company not only led to infinite amounts of coffee, but also an invaluable knowledge and experience with fly tying and fly tying materials. Morten Bundgaard, owner of Pro Sportfisher, has taught me more about making tubes and other gizmos than I ever wanted to know. Laurits Flowbinner gave me my first casting course ever, and Erik Kyrping (now retired from Go Fishing) furthered my interest in casting and teaching.
I came in contact with Niels Vestergaard (Wide Open Outdoor Film), when I suggested that his series, “Sea Trout Secrets”, should be translated into English and that ultimately led to a friendship and two casting films, “Casting That Fly”