Jimmy’s Sand Shark Fly


1 fly per pack, made and designed in South Africa.

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Jimmy's Sand Shark Fly for Guitarfish

Flies designed by the Sandshark expert Jimmy Eagleton, and tied by Ryan Wojt.
Four bead chain eyes to help it sit correctly and to give them a bit of a rattle.
The Circle hooks avoid foul hooking, and the hackle over the hook helps to tickle the shark before it feels the hook.
Made in South Africa.

Method: Cast ahead of the sandshark / guitarfish with a sinking line so that fish is heading towards fly. When fish is above the fly give a long slow pull. And hang on for the ride. A 6wt outfit with a short leader is ideal.

Pro Tip for Jimmy's Sand Shark Fly: Tie a 4mm tungsten bead into your tippet knot loop. It helps the fly go down and settle faster.

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