Rio T20 Sinking Line


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Rio T20 Sinking Line is a fast sinking level tungsten flyline that sinks like a rock.
At 20 grains per foot it sinks at more than 10 inches per second.

This level line uses tungsten powder for density not lead and as a result is supple does not kink and sinks like a rock.
Designed to be cut to the length you require.
Favoured by offshore fisherman to get flies deep fast especially when fishing for snoek or yellowtail.

Get some braided loops to go with it

Indicate the length of Rio T-20 Sinking Line you require.
As a general indication:
5.5m weighs approximately 350 grains (9wt)
6m weighs approximately 400 grains (10wt)
7m weighs approximately 460 grains (11wt)
8m weighs approximately 520 grains (12wt)

Rio T20 Sinking Line is available at any length you want (one meter steps). You can easily build sink tips from these lines. Sink tip is ideal choice for high water. You can use it with your normal fly line. Just attach tip to your line (loop-to-loop) and go fishing!

ModelWeight (gr/ft)Weight (g/m)Sinking rate (ips)StrengthColour
T-20204,25+10 ips / +25 cm/s30 lbBlack

Sold in unit of 1 meter.
Built on ultra-low stretch ConnectCore.