Magnet-ique Double Fly Holder


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Magnet-ique Double Fly Holder
Please note that product supplied is ORANGE, not Blue as it is in the illustration

The Magnet-Ique fly holders are simply brilliant. Using a high-powered magnet, you can store your flies and used flies, safely and securely, whilst the magnet also holds the patch in place on jacket, pack or waistcoat.

Mag Mini Double - Double sided Double disc holder with Lanyard hub and Carabiner.
That means you get two holders, you can use one for your jacket and the other on your fly tying desk

Video: See the Magnet-ique MagMini Magnetic Fly Fob Review by Aardvark McLeod

We also stock Magnets to tether your Fly Fishing Net

*Only the magetique is supplied, other items like flies and jackets in the illustration are excluded.