Nanosilk Gel Spun Thread


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Nanosilk Gel Spun Thread

Nano Silk is regarded as the tying thread of choice of professional fly tyers worldwide. With  Virtually unbreakable and still capable of being split down for dubbing twists. Specially formulated Gel Spun Polyethylene for extra strength. 50m per spool.

300 Denier  3/0 Big Game   Breaking Strain 7.6Kg
100 Denier  6/0 Predator    Breaking Strain 3.8Kg
50   Denier  12/0               Breaking Strain 1.9Kg
30   Denier  18/0               Breaking Strain 1.14Kg
30   Denier  18/0 Spyder    Breaking Strain 0.4Kg Semi-transucent

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More about Tying with Nanosilk Gel Spun Thread

Nanosilk has emerged as a revolutionary material in the world of fly tying, offering fly fishermen a range of benefits and advantages over traditional silk threads. As the name suggests, nanosilk is an ultra-fine synthetic thread that mimics the properties of natural silk but with enhanced strength, durability, and versatility.

One of the key advantages of nanosilk for fly tying is its incredible strength-to-diameter ratio. Despite being incredibly thin, nanosilk possesses remarkable tensile strength, allowing anglers to tie smaller, more intricate fly patterns without compromising on durability. This is particularly advantageous when imitating delicate insect species or tying smaller dry flies that require precision and finesse.

Furthermore, nanosilk exhibits exceptional abrasion resistance, ensuring that the fly remains intact even after repeated use and encounters with rough underwater elements. This durability factor is crucial for fly fishermen who often target species that dwell in rocky riverbeds or brush against submerged vegetation. In addition to its physical attributes, nanosilk also offers superior handling characteristics.

It has a minimal amount of stretch, providing excellent control and responsiveness while tying flies. The thread lays down smoothly and evenly, allowing for precise thread placement and neat finishing touches. Moreover, nanosilk is available in a wide range of colors, enabling anglers to match the thread to specific fly patterns or imitate natural insect colors with greater accuracy.

Another notable advantage of Nanosilk Gel Spun Thread is its resistance to water absorption. Unlike traditional silk threads that tend to absorb moisture, nanosilk remains relatively unaffected by water, ensuring that the fly maintains its desired buoyancy and profile even after extended periods of fishing. Overall, nanosilk has revolutionized the world of fly tying by providing anglers with a durable, strong, and versatile thread option. Its unique properties make it a preferred choice among fly fishermen who seek precision, durability, and enhanced performance in their fly patterns.