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Petitjean CDC Feathers (Croupin de Canard or Cul de Canard)
1 gram packets

Flies tied with CDC have more life-like quality than flies tied with other, more opaque materials.                                 Highly aerodynamic: when cast, the CDC collapses but, at the end of the cast, it expands acting as a parachute as the fly descends to the water. It therefore makes casting easier and fly presentation more delicate.

Highly hydrodynamic: under water every filament pulsates with life even in the gentlest flow or on the slowest retrieve.

Folds like real fly tissue when a fish takes a CDC fly into its mouth. In this way, fish accept CDC flies more readily, and are much slower to reject them, than ones made of harder materials.

Warning: Petitjean CDC Feathers
Colours #1 to #6 and #8 to 16 have a feather length of 3 to 6 cm
Colour # 7 (Beige) is 1.5 to 3.5 cm

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Petitjean CDC is a high-quality CDC feather that is used for tying flies. It is known for its excellent floatability, durability, and natural appearance. Petitjean CDC feathers are harvested from the Common Eider duck, which is a bird that is native to Europe and Asia.

There are a few reasons why Petitjean CDC is so popular for fly tying. First, it is very buoyant. This means that flies tied with Petitjean feathers will float on the surface of the water for long periods of time, even in the smallest of currents. Second, Petitjean CDC is very durable. It can withstand being wet and dry without becoming waterlogged or damaged. Third, Petitjean CDC has a very natural appearance. The feathers are soft and fluffy, and they have a translucent quality that makes them look like real insects.

There are many different ways to use Petitjean feathers for tying flies. It can be used to create the bodies, wings, and tails of dry flies. It can also be used to create the bodies, legs, and antennae of nymphs and wet flies. Petitjean feathers can also be used to create the bodies and wings of streamers.

Here are some tips for using Petitjean CDC for fly tying:

Use a small amount of thread when tying with Petitjean CDC. This will help to prevent the feathers from being crushed.
Use a fine-tipped needle when tying with Petitjean feathers. This will help you to control the feathers and create a more natural-looking fly.
Be careful not to over-tie the feathers. This can make the fly look unnatural and can also damage the feathers.

Petitjean CDC Feathers are a versatile and effective material for fly tying. It can be used to create a variety of different flies, and it will help you to catch more fish.

Here are some of the benefits of using Petitjean CDC for fly tying:

Excellent floatability: Petitjean CDC is very buoyant, so your flies will float on the surface of the water for long periods of time.
Durability: Petitjean feathers are very durable, so your flies will last for many fishing trips.
Natural appearance: Petitjean feathers have a very natural appearance, so it will fool even the most wary fish.

If you are looking for a high-quality CDC feather for fly tying, Petitjean CDC is a great option. It is buoyant, durable, and has a natural appearance. With Petitjean CDC, you can tie flies that will catch more fish.