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Petitjean Magic Tools

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Marc Petitjean Magic Tools

See details of each of the Marc Petitjean Magic Tools below
The ideal thread to use with these products is the Petitjean Split Second Thread.

Petijean Hair stacker

This is a combination of RAKE and a PLUCKER.
It is specially shaped to groom CDC and achieve tangle free wings and hackles.
This stacker be used with all kinds of hair furs fibers hackles (including soft ones) and in any amount.

You can also benefit from all the magic tool features, like mixing different colours together. You can also combine different materials, such as natural fibers and synthetics fibers. It is a very flexible tool. On top of that it can also clean up tangled fibres. The video is a must-see.

The Petitjean Magic Tool

is undoubtedly an indispensable tool for every fly tier.
It will enable you to tie all kinds of flies and combine many materials.

The Magic Tool MICRO

comes with table clips clamps and full instructions.  It contains an 18mm table clip and 30mm clamp.

The Magic Tool REGULAR

comes with table clips clamps and full instructions.
Three wooden dowels are also supplied to help with wind­ing and cutting synthetic material.  You can use items like Flashabou and Crystal Flash in small strands of exactly the same size.

The kit contains 3 table clips (28, 35 and 45 mm), 2 clamps (45. 55 mm), and 3 dowels (10, 12, 15 mm diameter)

The Magic Tool MAGNUM

comes with table clips clamps and full instructions.
It contains a 65mm table clip and 78mm clamp.

2 x Marc Petitjean Magic Tools Clips

- select the size you require.

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Tie your flies on a magical Petitjean Vice
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Magic tool product video

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