Petitjean Fish Releaser Tool


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Petitjean Fish Releaser Tool MPT200
Watch the Video below to see how easy this catch and release tool is to use.

Knowing the advantages of using the MP-bobbin holder I created the MP-releaser which solves quite a few of the problems when releasing fish responsibly and humanely.

The Petitjean Fish Releaser Tool MPT200 tool allows you to easily and effortlessly introduce your tippet securely, without fear of it falling out. The integral spring, gently absorbs any movement of the fish. You draw the tippet towards you, and when the MP-releaser reaches the hook, the fish will be automatically released, without you having to handle the fish or remove it from the water.

Another trick with this tool: You can easily and quickly release your tippet from the tool, just with a flick of the wrist, if the fish decides to take another run.

See the video on how to use the petijean realeaser tool

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