Plier Combo DrSlick 4in


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Plier Combo DrSlick 4in

These handy tools incorporate scissors, heamostat clamps and a hook eye cleaning spike.

Total length of the Plier Combo DrSlick 4in, is 4 inches (10cm) and available in Black and Gold

Scissors are always handy on stream, for cutting leaders, pieces of strike indicator yard et.
Clamps can crush barbs, remove hooks,  open and close split shot. They can also be used for knot-tying.
The eye cleaning tool, is a handy spike for getting leftover cement or glue out of the eye of a hook.

A video review on Dr Slick pliers and clamps
Here are some larger clamps, 5.5 inch, and 6.5 inch.
If you prefer just a compact plier