Pontoon Boat XPT III


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Pontoon Boat XPT III

The new version features a lightweight aluminum painted frame, with two 8’6”ft PVC pontoons. The fold down Padded seat is mounted to a swivel making it easy to position the seat in different directions as needed. It comes standard with oars, a rear cargo deck and sneaker motor mount. There are two removable cargo pockets that clip onto the pontoons. Also included is a foot pump, carry bag and repair kits.

Pontoon Boat XPT III

  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  • Padded Fold down Molded seat with 360 degree Swivel
  • Durable all in one PVC Pontoons 8’6” long with Summit valves
  • Two removal cargo pockets that clip and velcro on to the Pontoon
  • Rear Metal Mesh Cargo deck
  • Sneaker motor mount
  • 2pc Oar set with oarlocks
  • Foot rest arms
  • Includes a Foot Pump and Carry bag.


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Assembly instruction Video

Tips for buying a pontoon boat

From: https://www.triumphboats.com/fly-fishing-pontoon-boats/
Here are the most important tips: Buy inflatable pontoons, not metal ones. Vinyl bladders are cheaper but urethane lasts a decade. Frameless boats cost more but are lighter and more convenient. Oars are essential, but engines are optional. If you’re fishing while standing, test the platform for stability. Get a boat that can support your weight plus your gear. For longer trips, invest in better-padded seats.
Invest in a good pontoon pump!

So when you’re fly fishing in a boat, you need something with a shallow draft. Otherwise, it may graze the bottom of the river or lake, which could damage the boat or capsize it. Metal pontoon boats generally have a draft of 8 to 10 inches. But inflatable pontoons are a smarter option because they’re smaller, so you can maneuver them more easily in tight marshes.

Inflatable fly fishing pontoons are softer and lighter than standard metal pontoon boats. They usually have a waterproof banana-shaped hull that’s filled with air. The part of the pontoon that gets inflated is called the bladder. The material could be pocket-friendly vinyl or longer-lasting (but pricier) urethane. Weigh your budget against your fishing frequency.

Before buying a bladder, check the fit, style, and valve position to be sure it’s compatible with your fly fishing pontoon boat. You want a bladder with a top-facing valve for easy access. It helps if the bladder is versatile enough to twist into multiple positions. Be wary of blended bladders with a vinyl base with a urethane coating. They’re not as good as pure urethane.