Preformed Foam Booby Eyes


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Preformed Foam Booby Eyes

These pre-formed booby eyes have been shaped to form perfect booby eyes, ready to be tied.
Instead of shaping your own eyes out of foam, you can use ready made ones. This will ensure that both sides are the same size. This will prevent your fly and tippet from twisting while being cast or retrieved.

Preformed Foam Booby Eyes are available in small (approx 5mm) and Medium (approx 7mm)

10 pairs per pack

Boobie flies for fly fishing are usually used with a sinking line and are quite effective fished slow or static. Make sure that you remove the hook barbs to avoid damage to the fish as they can be swallowed quite deeply.
Another effective method to fish booby flies is to use a boobie on the point, with a weighted nymph on a dropper (know as a washing line).

Carl Nixon shows an interesting way of tying on a pre-formed boobie.

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